With 3D Virtual Presentations and Visualisations we provide a fully immersive experience...

3D VR Presentations & Visualisations

Bringing BIM to the 3rd Dimension...

It is our belief, that understanding the client’s project visualization is just as important as generating a 3D Building Information Model. With our knowledge in this area, in-house expertise and business sector alliances, DCT Group can create photorealistic graphics, animations and media to better present your project. Building upon the accuracy of BIM, we can interface with appropriate visualization software, selecting desired views, and compose images that change the way your clients would typically interact with your project.

Visualizing the functions of complex construction builds, explaining innovations that lie hidden within your construction or transporting the value of multi-facetted service offerings can be a tough ask in any project. Using the explanatory power and emotional strength of 3D VR Presentations & Visualisations can help you to get this challenge done. At DCT Group, we are 3D VR experts and we are here to progress with you in a new world of build and BIM journeys.

Why choose 3D VR?

By leveraging the power of 3D VR Presentations, our project team interacts with yours for an enhanced real-time experience, that simplifies the reviews process, eases communication and progresses coordination between all parties. With this understanding, presentations are appropriately tailored for the audience.

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