Companies generally like to announce that they are working on a BIM project with Revit but the C word is still largely utilised on projects. Yes, CAD!

AutoCAD 2D Production

First-Class CAD Services

From 2D Draughting to 3D visualisations, product design and beyond. Digital Construction Technologies Group specialise in helping you deliver your 2D project or present your ideas.

Digital Construction Technologies Group has invested in building a first-class CAD services team manned with highly experienced Autodesk applications engineers and consultants that specialise in helping our clients take their businesses to higher levels of productivity, streamline business processes and ensure clients benefit from the very best return on investment.

From designers sketches to marked up technical drawings We can give you extra capacity when you need it at competitive rates. Our experienced 2D draughting team are able to help with either small scale projects that perhaps only require a few hours of time, right up to large scale projects that run into days, weeks or perhaps even months. 

Building Services

Architectural Plans & Elevations

Electrical Services

Coordination Drawing

For clients requiring 2D CAD drawings, we can supply 2D CAD detailing services at a rate that works for you. Alternatively, we can also cost on a fixed cost per project basis, where deliverables are clearly outlined and depending on the scope of your requirements. This ensures that you will have maximum compatibility where CAD drawings need to be passed on to other project team members or external contractors within the project. 

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