Building Information Modelling, or BIM, has already made a huge impact in the way we build.

BIM Certification

ISO 19650 Certification

The ISO 19650 standard is an international standard for managing information over the whole life cycle of a built asset using building information modelling (BIM). It contains all the same principles and high-level requirements as BIM Level 2 and is closely aligned with the current UK 1192 standards.

The BRE ISO 19650 BIM Certification Scheme for Businesses assesses whether your company has the capability to deliver projects in compliance with ISO 19650. This involves the assessment of process, procedure, people and projects.

You can use the certification to demonstrate your BIM capabilities to both clients and competitors globally. When certification is issued you will be listed on the BRE website and have use of the BRE Global Certification mark to promote your certification.

It is not a surprise then that the UK government mandates for all centrally procured public projects to be ISO 19650 Certification compliant and include all digital documentation and asset information. The NBS National BIM Report 2017, shows that 62% of the Construction Industry is already leveraging BIM workflows, but there is also a large percentage that have yet to adopt or are unsure how.

Does this mean that all SMEs and private projects do not need to implement BIM?

Not at all, though not mandated in the private sector, the benefits of adopting BIM outweigh the costs and can give your firm a competitive edge over other suppliers and be the difference between winning a bid or not.

Achieving 3rd party BIM certification from BRE Global (the certification arm of BRE Group) - an independent and universally recognised authority in the construction sector will demonstrate to your existing and future customers that your work continues to meet the national ISO 19650 Certification standards and that they can trust you to deliver an excellent build.

Why choose BRE ISO 19650 Certification certification?

BRE has been at the centre of the research which has demonstrated the need for a standardised construction methodology and guided the development of the UK construction standards and BIM itself. Additionally, we’ve chosen to recommend BRE Global certification for the following reasons:

Not Just Verification

The scheme not only assesses ISO 19650 Certification capability against PAS 1192:2-2013 it also seeks evidence of correct application at project level.

Assessed by the Best

All assessors have a wealth of experience in their respective industries.


Become an Expert

Deep knowledge of BIM obtained through participation in the preparation of the government’s ISO 19650 Certification documentation.

Simplified Processes

Simple process with full feedback through all the different stages.

What are the benefits of ISO 19650 Certification Certification?

In addition to gaining recognition for meeting the highest UK construction standards, being certificated by BRE Global brings you:

- An impartial assessment of your internal processes and workflows, identifying where improvements may be achieved.
- Reassurance that your processes are being correctly implemented on project work.
- BIM Level 2 compliant project delivery together with the knowledge and experience this brings.
- Showcase of your competencies and providing peace of mind to your customers.
- Independent evidence of compliance with ISO 19650 Certification (PAS1192-2:2013) for all future PQQ’s.
- A considerable competitive advantage in your field.

Where to start your BIM journey

Two routes to BIM Certification to suit your BIM maturity:

The journey to ISO 19650 certification involves two key steps, firstly the assessment of your company's documentation and processes which must be aligned with ISO 19650. Secondly, assessment of your implementation of these processes on BIM projects through an onsite audit at your offices. These two steps can either be completed in direct succession if you have projects available for assessment, or, as two separate steps with certificates issued at the end of each if you need to phase the process to allow time for appropriate projects to become available. If you opt for the 2-step approach you will receive a certificate at each step, a BIM Prepared certificate on completion of Step 1 and an ISO 19650 Certification for Businesses certificate on completion of Step 2.

Though 97% of professionals in the Industry are aware of BIM, understanding the complexities of the methodology has discouraged firms of all sizes from adopting it. We understand gaining ISO 19650 Certification certification can seem like a gargantuan task to start with, but our specialist team have a history of successfully helping businesses of all sizes not only start the journey and undertake this process, but also ensure they make a success out of it.

If you don’t know where to begin your BIM journey, start by speaking to us. Our BIM experts will assess your situation and give positive feedback, aid with BIM implementation, training or supply and implement the collaboration software required to successfully adopt BIM and start reaping the benefits!

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