We are experts in every aspect of BIM creation. From training & support to design, co-ordination and production...


What we do...

At DCT, we deliver high quality professionally managed services, to enable and support the implementation of BIM for your project.

BIM Coordination / BIM Outsourcing Partner

A Building Information Model provides the opportunity of virtual construction a building before it is built. This enables greater insight into elements of a building which may not be constructible. We also assess safe access, equipment interface, operating maintenance requirements, multi-disciplinary co-ordination and alternative product selection. DCT can integrate on the ground at site level as BIM Coordinator throughout the design and construction of your project, ensuring the constructability of the Building Information Model.

ISO 19650 Certification (BIM Level 2)

DCT can assist your company with attaining ISO 19650 Certification (BIM Level 2) assessing your business capability to utilise advanced modelling tools and have the standards, methods, procedures, skilled staff and infrastructure in place for strict compliance with the BIM Level 2 document. This certification demonstrates the capability of your company to the highest level of the BIM verification scheme for PAS 1192- 2 Information Management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects.

Training & Support

Life-long learning is important to stay ahead throughout your professional career and investing in your personal development or your company’s digital evolution. DCT can deliver custom integrated training to your business and team. Our training is not just about how to operate the software but also about imprinting the digital mindset and thinking. We can provide training at your workplace or at our custom-built training facilities in Dublin

Information Management

Integrating into an organisation, DCT can assimilate behind the scenes with contractors, consultants and private clients. We provide strategic direction, BIM Execution Plans, draft BIM protocols and provide advice on digital technology and software implementation.

Workflow Review & Development 

DCT consulting can review project workflows investigating how your projects are delivered. From tender stage of your project, through all project stages. We analyse what information you receive, what information you create, and what information you deliver at each stage of your project. We review how your organisation collaborate, project information is distributed internally between departments and offices as well as outside to all project stakeholders. We explore ways to streamline your collaboration processes helping you share and access information more efficiently both internally and out to the site.

Strategic Innovation 

In this environment of emerging disruptive technologies we cannot merely respond to change. Deploying digital technologies makes sense if it supports your business strategy. DCT enable opportunities that will facilitate your business objectives and bring to the forefront issues that may incur additional costs. We aid you in investigating opportunities to become more efficient in your workflow by taking full advantage of the technical tools you have available and help you create a roadmap of product implementation and adoption to streamline your overall project delivery.

COBie Production 

DCT are capable to facilitate and have proven real world experience of delivering COBie Data Drops in accordance with PAS 1192 requirements by providing a wide range of services to manage, validate and deliver COBie on your project.

Digital Implementation 

We can create tailored training focussed on putting your people first. People are at the forefront of change, aligning their processes and procedures with new digital technologies enables an easy transition of all parties involved.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling, or BIM for short, is changing the way project teams work with information about buildings, for better planning, design, construction and operations.

BIM is rapidly becoming the standard process for construction. Informed clients and projects teams want to use BIM, as it addresses many of the problems associated with outdated paper-based processes.

BIM is both a technology and a process. A new way of creating, managing and exchanging information about buildings.

Instead of producing 2D documentation to build a building, we first build a virtual 3D building in software, where we can understand the design and make sure everything works, and from which we can automatically generate the documentation required from the building model. In this virtual building, people can navigate, explore, analyse and query information, to make sure they understand the design, see that everything works and fits together, to resolve issues, before they build it physically on site.


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