Supersize your team space and take your analog processes digital, without compromise....

Touch Project Solutions

Next-gen Collaboration

Our touch projector solutions respond to the customer demand for cost effective, large-scale digital workspaces that enable the transformation of existing paper-based collaborative processes such as lean, agile and design thinking. Unlike typical interactive displays, the touch projectors deliver the working space required to bring an existing analog process into the digital age without compromise.

Introducing the Nureva Digital Wall

The Nureva Wall system combines a capacitive touch surface with an ultra-short-throw HD projector to give highly collaborative teams the tools they need to deliver breakthrough results.

Accelerate Processes

Digitally transform agile, lean, design and other processes with familiar tools that you can tailor to your needs. 

Transform Walls

Create up to 60' (18.29 m) of working space on virtually any wall for rich, visual collaboration.

Cloud Collaboration

Empower remote team members with cloud-based tools that let everyone work together in real time.


Brilliant Touch Technology

Wake up your walls with precise multitouch that won’t let you down. Our touch projector solutions use the same advanced technology found in the latest smartphones to give teams the touch experience they’ve come to expect.


points of touch per dual system


lumens for optimal brightness


expected hours of projector life

The best collaboration experience for your team.


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